Nicole Devine TAFE Champion

My name is Nicole Devine. I am a 34 year old mother of 3 children aged 15 year, 11 years and 7 years.
In 2007, my son was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old. After suggestions from school teachers, further investigation was done and a diagnosis of ASD – Aspergers syndrome was added in 2009.
In an effort to understand him further and help the dynamics at home, I commenced some community behavioural programs. This ignited my passion for knowledge. In 2011 I enrolled at Nirimba TAFE to complete a certificate IV in Community Services.
Completing my certificate brought about a new direction in my life generally. The staff at Nirimba were nothing short of inspirational. The support and guidance they illustrated towards me personally and as a student not only helped me transition back into education but proved extremely valuable personally. Adapting the new skills learnt into my family life strengthened my self-esteem and self-worth.
As a consequence of this new found confidence, in 2012 I applied with the University Of Western Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and was overjoyed to receive early acceptance. After leaving high school in year 12, pregnant with my eldest daughter, a personal dream had come to fruition.
Currently, I have just completed my first year at uni, another milestone for me. Furthermore, I work as a contact support officer, with a company in conjunction with FACS and until December I am working part time as a community worker with St Clair Youth & Neighbourhood team.
I have a long way to go before I reach the end of my journey however, I attribute everything I have achieved so far with my positive experience at TAFE. At times, life events would arise and without the supportive staff, I know I would not have realised so many of my dreams.


Anna Watson Member for Shell Habour

I am a strong supporter of public education and a strong, vibrant TAFE sector. I know the value students place on being able to attend TAFE. I know the courses are valued by local employees and industry. TAFE does much to provide skilled and trained workforces in the Illawarra region. And TAFE teachers are professional and dedicated. I will never stand by and see TAFE undermined by any government. It is too valuable an institution for our children, our community and our state.


Noreen Hay

"As a past student of TAFE it is no surprise to me that 96% of the people surveyed stated that TAFE services are valuable to NSW"
Noreen Hay MP

Member for Wollongong

Carmen Tebutt - MP Marrickville

People in NSW are rightly proud of TAFE – it plays a key role in tackling skills shortages, training the plumbers, electricians, hairdressers and chefs of the future. It provides educational opportunities for those who have disengaged from education for whatever reason and gives people mid career or re entering the workforce the chance to upgrade their skills.

Jamie Parker MP, Greens Member for Balmain

TAFE plays a vital role in supporting the cultural, social and economic vibrancy of our community and particularly in providing a second chance at high quality education, yet it has been continually attacked and undermined by both Labor and Liberal governments.
The Greens strongly support more funding for TAFE and an end to the casualisation of the teaching profession. TAFE teachers and workers need to be supported to provide a highest quality of education to students, recognising the great benefits that public provision of vocational education and training has delivered to NSW. The State Liberal government’s moves toward a competitive training market will not provide better quality or more accessible courses and will further undermine teaching and learning opportunities in NSW.

Paul Lynch

TAFE is too important to be allowed to be destroyed by the O’Farrell Government. It plays a critically important role not just for the aspiration of individuals but for the long term benefit of the entire community.


TAFE Champions

TAFE NSW has been Australia's leading public VET provider for more than 100 years. It evolved by responding directly to community needs. 
No matter who you are TAFE is open to everyone. 
TAFE provides world class training and further education from short customised courses through to degrees. TAFE responds to industry and community to provide current, quality and accessible training and education including updating qualifications and doing apprenticeships and traineeship.
TAFE gives everyone a second chance, the opportunity to learn skills for employment and an opportunity to contribute to the community. If you are uncertain about your career or need more education and training; TAFE has always been there - affordable, accessible - providing great quality education and professional specialist student support. 
There is a TAFE College in every community across NSW.